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Sixer Training Ballynafagh 2016

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Eight of our Cubs represented 5th Kildare Clane at the County Sixer Taining in Ballynafagh Lake on Sunday October 23rd.  These were our four sixers and four seconders from our 4 Sixes in our Den.  Sixer training helps our youth members understand their role in leadership. It is a once a year training day for our Sixer & Seconders only. The day centre’s around positive models in confidence building, teamwork, and leadership roles.

The day began at 11am and finished at 4pm.  Cubs were mixed with various other groups from County.  Each group had bases to visit around the course of Ballynafagh Lake.  Bases covered Leadership skills, Hillwalking, Camping, Backwoods, Pioneering and Emergencies.

Cubs worked with maps, compass and grid references for Hill Walking.

For Camping and Backwoods, cubs used the rangers saw and hatchet to cut up wood, they built a fire with this and some made bread twists.  Other cubs made a water filter and filtered water.

For Pioneering, our cubs built a trap using sisal and helped build a simple bridge.

For Emergencies, cubs got to use some of their first aid skills and also build a shelter for a patient.

All eight Cubs said they really enjoyed their training and came away from the day with positive Leadership skills which will be put to good use over the coming months with their piers.

Our Ventures helped with the event, playing a role of very scarry Zombies.

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