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Peace Light from Bethlehem 2016

On 16th December in Millicent members of our Group received the Peace Light from Bethlehem from Oirlath, who attended the Irish Reception day before.

In Prosperous on Saturday 17th December evening mass, Cubs, Scouts and Beavers presented the Peace Light from Bethlehem and read prayers for peace.  Fr Bill has a peace lamp that he got in the Middle East and he lit it and then the 4th candle of the Advent wreath.

On Sunday, 18th in Caragh we had Scouts, Cubs & Beavers representing 5th Kildare Clane at the Peace Light presentation.  Fr Joe was so impressed with everyone he invited them all up to the altar while Peter presented and read the background to the Peace Light and others read prayers.Peace Light Prosperous2016 Peace Light Prosperous 2016 IMG_20161218_111100

Yum Yums

On Thursday night we held our first Beaver bake off in conjunction with scouting Ireland. Our Beavers baked at home and brought their produce into den. We had buns, cakes, muffins, cookies, flapjacks, brownies, rocky roads, more cakes, and just … read more