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Expelliarmus Group Camp

Scouts joined cubs, beavers and ventures on Expelliarmus Group Camp in Arklow.

The theme of the camp was Harry Potter and it was based on his time in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. So on this we divided all in attendance into four houses, (wtih an Irish twist). These were;

Aos Silhe (SHEE)  This house had a yellow necker

Tuatha De Danann (TOO-AH)   This house had a blue necker

Fir Bolg (FEAR)   This house had a red necker

Fomoraigh (FOMORE)   This house had a green necker.

Each house could gain or loose point throughout the weekend.  Points were awarded by leaders for good behavior or for deeds which deserved to be recognised but points could also be lost for poor behavior or misadventures.  There were challenges over the weekend which each house had to accomplish.  Scouts had seven challenges to complete.

The weekend began on Friday evening with an opening ceremony and everyone being assigned to a “house” for the weekend.  Everyone got to wear the magic hat which spoke and gave them their house name.  Each “house” then prepared a chant for their “house”.  The SHEE house were the first to be awarded 5 points as their chant was voted best by the other “houses”. Scouts then went for a night hike and then late in the night went to bed.

On Saturday Scouts had breakfast with their houses and then set about building towers to sleep in that night. After building their towers they went to the obstace course which the cubs had prepared. The obstacle course was won by TOO-Ah. Hogwarts Feast was prepared for Sat evening and members of all houses arrived dressed in Witchcraft, Wizardry and Magical costumes. For the feast Traditional English roast was served along with roast potatoes & mashed potato.  Carrots and green beans were also served.  Desert was magical creatures or witches hats.  The feast was followed by an evening of entertainment from all houses and individuals.   Magic tricks were performed using wands, cards, hats and coins.  There were disappearing acts and also spells broken.

Sunday morning began with a game of Quidditch before breakfast.  This was a fun game using broomsticks.  Participants from each “house” played against opponents.   Once Quidditch was finished Hogwarts last meal was served.  We then had our closing ceremony.  TOO-AH were announced as the winning “house” with the most points for the week-end.  Then all packed bags were gathered, in preparation for everyone’s departure at 12.   What a fun weekend we all had.