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Christmas Craft Evening 2016

IMG_20161213_172002             IMG_20161215_203018

Cubs put their artistic skills into practice this evening to design their very own Christmas T-Shirt.  The evening proved a huge success and lots of hidden talent within our cubs group was exposed.  We had reindeers, plum puddings, holly, Christmas stockings, Christmas trees, snowmen and many more drawings on T-Shirts all colorfully presented by the end of the evening.  All Cubs chose to wear their T-Shirt over their uniform which shows they were proud of their efforts.

A game to understand team work took place after our craft time.  Cubs with a buddy, were invited to take their necker and use one to tie their ankles to one another and the other necker to tie a wrist to one another.  Then they had to walk with their “three” legs and “three” hands to pick up a book, paper and celotape.  Then with their “three” hands had to work to parcel up and celotape the book as a gift.  This was a very interesting task for our Cubs.

We had a lovely evening with festive tunes playing in the background.