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C.S.A. 20km Hike 2017

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Another big part of the CSA program was completed this weekend by 6 of our CSA Cubs.  We did the hike in the Slieve Bloom mountains.  The hike began at Baunreach House Ruin near Monicknew and finished in the Glenbarrow car park.  It is a lovely hike route but unfortunately the weather made it far more difficult.  We had continuous heavy rain for the majority of the hike.  The previous day, Fri 26th, Met Eireann had said it was the hottest day ever recorded in Ireland in the month of May.  We must have had the wettest day ever recorded in Ireland in May on Saturday!  We got wet but didn’t let it dampen out spirits.  We were out to complete and experience a long hike.

We hiked from Monicknew to the ridge of Cappard passing The Stoney Man.  We did some of the Glenbarrow hike and saw The Metal Man.  We were met by one of the Cub parents in Cappard car park for hot drinks and noodles.  After this was our last part of the journey where the weather changed and we had a chance to remove wet gear.  We walked along the river for part of this to Glenbarrow car park.  At the end of the 20km everyone agreed that it had been a wonderful experience despite the rain.

We went back to Srahan Scout Centre by car.  We were staying here for the weekend with two other groups as part of our intercultural part of the program also.  Clonaulty and Roscrea cubs were staying too.  We had all arrived Fri.  We were joined on the hike on Saturday by a Roscrea Leader and cub.  Once we were showered, had dinner cooked for us by one of the Clonaulty Leaders we were fully revived and ready for campfire.  Our Cubs and Roscrea Cubs had the opportunity to report on their intercultural findings and exchange information.  We had lots of singing and competitive singing with all 3 groups mixing.  We even got to do some badge work before we left for home.  The hike and camp will be a great memory for us all.  Well done CSA cubs.
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