Beaver scouts – Ages 6, 7, 8, meeting on Wednesday

Jamoige 2016 Cubs




Jamoige was the celebration of 100 years of Cubs Scouts in Ireland and Beavers Scouts celebrated 40 years here. What a memorable weekend it was for all who participated. So much planning and preparation went into this week-end it couldn’t be anything but a huge success. Friday saw Pallaskenry transform from a small quiet village, into a convoy of cars, vans, buses & trailers from all corners of Ireland. After registration, site set-up and all arrivals present, we had a huge opening ceremony to welcome all. We were in sub-camp Samurai.
Saturday was a day full of activities, games, demonstrations, themed events with the sun shining bright all day long. Activities were inspired by the Timeline theme of 100years. Our cubs saw telephones & radios which were practical antiques. They laughed at the size of some of the mobile phones and the weight of them ! How our levels of communication has progressed is staggering. They made musical instruments, learned dance moves, played games, and participated in a range of Timeline activities.
After lunch our Cubs visited the Ancient Orient games site. Here cubs cooked noodles, learned to eat with chopsticks, sampled various teas; they learned about chinese medicine, participated in Tai-Chi lessons and Taekwondo; they helped to build the “great wall of Pallaskenry”, participated in Rickshaw racing and took park in a Coolie Challenge. Here they also made colourful friendship bracelets.
Saturday evening was carnival time and market-trading. Each group could trade with each other. Our home-made Jamoige badges were traded for bookmarks, woggles, badges, notebooks, sweets and various cub themed articles. Carnival time saw our cubs win Tug-of-war and participate in carnival games. Our Beavers arrived on Saturday and visited our site with their Leaders. We went to campfire Sat night and sang many familiar camp fire songs with hundreds of other groups.
Sunday was another extremely hot day. Sun cream, sun hats and lots of liquids were in our day bags and no need for our wet gear. We went to the Medevial games site which was run by our very own Anita Regucka-Fleming. The Cubs tried everything here. They made armored outfits, helmets, weapons & shields, and then got to have their very own “battle” in field. They threw wet sponges at stocks and had so much fun here. Backwoods training took part for some of our senior cubs while market & carnival time ran. They spent over 2 hours learning and improving Backwood Skills which would be to their advantage the following day.
Sunday night was a big event where a huge birthday party was held for all 3500 beavers & Cubs along with the hundreds of Leaders, Subcamp organisers and all Jamoige Staff. All beavrs & Cubs wore their chosen outfits for the themed party. Our Samurai outfits were fitting for the occasion. There was music and dancing, tiny individual cakes for everyone, balloons released and a fantastic party experience many of our Cubs will remember for years to come. The Time-Warp song that we were all asked to learn for this was sung in high voice. Participation in all song and dance was high. Our Cubs returned to site extremely tired and had no problem going to bed for a well earned sleep.
Monday morning saw our cubs go to Backwoods camp. Here they joined and partipated with other groups to filter water, make a bivvy, make their own fireligher and light a fire.
Jamoige was a wonderful experience for all our Cubs & Leaders. It is a camp that will have built memories and wonderful experiences for them, that will last a lifetime.
Well done to all our Cubs.