5th Kildare Group Council

Scouting Ireland defines the Scout Group as follows

The basic unit of Scouting in Ireland is the Scout Group. Each Group is based around a single meeting point, but may have a number of sections, meeting at different times, and may have more than one Scout Troop or Cub Scout Pack, for example. The Group is managed by the Group Council, headed up by the Group Leader. Other Officers include a Group Secretary, Group Chairperson, Group Treasurer and Group Trainer. Sections are represented by Programme Scouters, and Scouts and Venture Scouts may send representatives from time to time.

All Scouters are invited to attend 5th Kildare Clane Group Council meetings.

Group Council meets as necessary, at least once a quarter. The Annual Meeting is held late September/early October.

Group Leader

Brian Gray

Group Secretary
Gillian Ryan

Group Chairperson (Associate Member)
Lisa Newnham

Group Treasurer (Associate Member)
Ulrikke Treacy

Group Leader deputy (Training and Finance)
Anita Regucka-Kwasnik