5th Kildare Cub Scouts


Cubs are 9, 10, 11, 12 years old. They come from various schools and enjoy playing and working together. Cubs like adventures and during the den nights are learning things that can be helpful when going outdoors. Our outdoors adventures are hikes, camps, backwoods, cycling, canoeing and whatever else we decide to do.

We meet on Thursdays, at 7:15 pm. The den nights can be focused on scouting skills, preparations for our outings, but we also cook, learn new crafts, do a bit of art, talk about our hobbies.

Our pack is camping at least 3 times a year, the oldest Cubs also have additional weekends away, as they take part in sixer events and joint events with Scout section.

Cubs are awarded for their work with beads and badges, showing their interests, skills and experience. The activities are planned together with the Sixer Council to meet cubs wishes and requests. Sometimes they can be a bit odd…

IMG_9921Any child willing to join needs to be registered on the group waiting list.