C.S.A. 120km Cycle


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Four Scouts, Ciaran, Majeick, Sean and Aindriu who are doing their CSA, completed another part of the CSA program this weekend by cycling over 120k over 2 days.  We planned this cycle months ago.  We asked Joe to be our coach and he agreed.  We met and decided on a route.  We planned our overnight accommodation in Aindriu’s Grandparents.  We planned our meal that we had to cook as part of the project.  We put in hours and miles of cycling to prepare for this cycle.

We met on Saturday morning full of energy with plenty of drinks and bars for our trip.  Michelle was our Scouter on this trip and she took our overnight bags in her car for us.  We started in Prosperous and cycled to Carlow town.  We had two stops on the way, Kilcullen and Castledermot.  The cycle down was 64k and took just over 3 hours including stops.  The cycle back was 66k as we took a different route home.  This took about 4 hours and we had two stops, Athy and Milltown.  Everyone was prepared and found the cycle easier than expected.

We dug our own potatoes from our hosts garden for dinner.  We cooked our meal and ate happily.  We were treated to some homebaking from Aindriu’s Gran.

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