2017 Cub Co. Challenge

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Once again we entered ourselves into the Cub County Challenge event.  The preparations, excitement and enthusiasm to show off our skills was immense.  We had two teams; one called Rangers and another Flaming Feathers.  Both teams had a mix of 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year Cubs on them.

Opening ceremony began at 9am and the event begun immediately after this.  All 9 teams had their instructions and they set about building their site, aiming to complete by 3pm.  Their aim was to build a complete campsite without the assistance of a leader.  Almost every Cub Skill was put to the test, hence the challenge.  From 3-6pm all teams participated in various bases set up on site, once again putting theirs skills to the test.  Dinner was cooked by cubs themselves between 6-8 and then all groups attended campfire where they had the opportunity to show off their skits to the entire camp.

The following morning was a continuation of the challenge once flags were hoisted again.  Cubs cooked their own breakfasts and then faced the task of disassembling their sites, again unassisted by leaders.  All groups completed this and the closing ceremony took place at 12 noon.  The points were calculated, the judges had finished, the winning team would be announced.   5th Kildare Clane Flaming Feathers came first in the Challenge and Rangers came third.  A fantastic result and reward for all the work that the Cubs had put into this challenge.

Congratulations once again Cubs and well done.

They will now go through to the National Cub Challenge to be held, June17th &18th in Larch Hill Scout Centre, Dublin.

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