Butler’s Chocolate Experience



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Cubs visited Butler’s Chocolate Factory in Coolock, Dublin for their Christmas outing this year.  This was the ultimate chocolate experience.  Cubs learned about the history of chocolate and where it comes from.  They also discovered the different types of chocolate and got to see how it is made.  They followed the journey of Butlers through the ages and then enjoyed a panoramic view of the actual Butler’s Chocolate Factory.  No umpa lumpas were seen during our visit but we did see huge boxes of golden eggs.  During this tour we sampled various types of chocolate and hand made sweets along the way.  We also saw a short film on the journey of the cocoa bean from growth to chocolate.

Cubs got to see up close some areas of the factory floor and learned the technique of chocolate decorating as they decorated their very own chocolate Santa to bring home with them.  To do this everyone was given a white coat.  Cubs also got to sample Butlers very own drinking chocolate.

Cubs got to meet Santa who was visiting the Factory that day too.  Cubs were delighted when Santa got up to “dab” with them.  It took more than one try to get everyone in union with Santa but we managed it eventually.  Santa then had a special presentation to make as one of our Cubs was presented with his CSA award from Santa himself.  Congratulations Jack.  Santa also gave every Cub more chocolate.