County Camp Larch Hill 2016




5th Kildare Clane participated in County Camp this year which was held in Larch Hill Scouting Head Quarters. This was a Group event so we had approx 70 from 5th Kildare Clane attending. We arrived Fri evening and promptly set up tents for all sections as nightfall is getting earlier as we approach the end of September. With registration complete, tents up, sleeping bags out and mats unfolded, we had our Opening Ceremony which saw two Cubs receive 5th Kidare Clane neckers and two new Leaders to our Group, one Chris Richardson for Cubs, receive their 5th Kildare Clane neckers. Most of the Group made their way to the “Disco with Bubbles” then, which was loud, lively and lots of fun. Everyone danced to some great music from a very good DJ.

On Saturday Cubs enjoyed a full day of activities. Despite the rain Cubs had six different bases to visit and try various activities. First was crate-stacking which looked so easy until you began to try it. Cubs wore safety harnesses and helmets which meant some Cubs got up to 10 crates high. From this we went to the “Cardboard Box Ovens” where we made pizza, baked pizza and ate pizza – Delicious! Next was “Whittling & Youth Fora” which was run by our Leader Eva. Here we used dinner knives and bars of soap. We created some wonderful masterpieces from every walk of life. Some Cubs tried animal shapes, some floral and others MineCraft Figures. While crafting these pieces Cubs also had the opportunity to discuss what they would like to do more of in Cubs, or what they would like to do less of in Cubs.

After lunch, still in wet gear, Cubs went to the “Climbing Wall”. There were two walls to attempt, one easy, one difficult. All cubs attempted at least one if not both with many reaching the peak. From this Cubs went to “bamboo Catapult” which was run by Peter Byrne (Scouts) and our new leader Chris. Here, Cubs built catapults from bamboos and elastics. There were 4 teams. As soon as the team had their catapult built, they began using it to aim wet sponges at the opposing team. We were wet from the rain so more water didn’t bother anyone. Wet and happy we went to our last base of the day for more fun with water. It was Happy Hungry Hippos and the famous water slide. Cubs are happy to slide and build up speed on this slippy soapy slide. The rain added to the fun here making more and more foam.

Hungry and tired from the days activities, Cubs dried and changed before eating a lovely hot dinner. The Group had a Nature Ceremony at dusk before going to the huge County Camp Fire where familiar, and no so familiar, Scout songs were sung. Back at our Camp base we then had our own Group Campfire for anyone who wished to participate. We had such a fun day we were all happy to go to bed after this.

Sunday was our final morning at County Camp. We began early with our Swim Up Ceremony. We had Beavers from both groups swim up to Cubs, we had Cubs swim up to Scouts and we had 3 Scouts swim up to Ventures. Cubs had our new Leader, Debbie Byrne, invested. County Camp was a great Camp for all and no one let the rain dampen their fun.