Group Camp Millicent School 2016

The whole 5th Kildare group camped in the grounds of the Costa del Hewetson last weekend and what a weekend it was.

The weather was ideal and each section had a full schedule working towards various goals.

The beavers were very busy with some old timers helping out the newbees, who had never camped before. It was a great opportunity for both groups to get together and new friendships were formed.

The beavers had to set up there own tents (with a little assistance from the Scouts) and cook breakfast for whole camp on Saturday morning

We worked towards our backwoods badges with everyone getting stage 1 and a few getting stage 2

They made a happyometer which was very enjoyable.

We also  started our preperations for Jamoige and made backpacks and space suits for our themed camp.

The beavers played space games to help with balance, speed, dexterity, sight deprivation and coordination

Oh and we learned the Timewarp!!!

The few Beavers who will swim up to Cubs next year were also able to participate in a few of the Cubs activities.

Well done to all involved, a very successful camp was had by all.

Normally we have so many activities planned to keep the kids moving and warm, the good weather really was an added bonus.