Group Camp 2016




Group Camp this year took place in the grounds of Heweston School, Millicent, Clane.  The site was ideal as all the sections could camp close by to one another and still have their own boundaries.   Tents and boundaries were set up on Fri evening followed by a game of flash-light tag.  Saturday was a complete day of fun & activities, which involved water that always proves popular with Cubs. Emergency Badge 2 & 3 were worked on in a fun way.  Banged-up Benny was the camp casualty that needed lots of emergency work!  Campfire on Sat night had lots of skits from each section along with campfire songs and smores.  Camping stage 3 was earned here by some of our cubs.  Cubs cooked dinner for the group for the first time.  They cooked Cubs Stew as a practice for the annual Cubs Challenge.  We introduced a “happyometre” to our camp this year.  Each cub had a named peg and its position on our Happyometre, indicated camp satisfaction.  Thankfully all pegs were high on it.  A fun Group camp was enjoyed.