County Shield

After a number of training camps the scouts¬†went to the county shield in Larch Hill. They arrived late but had plenty of time to set up camp. On Friday we assembled the gate, boundary and put up the tents. Then on Saturday we woke bright and early to get a head start as we still had ¬†breakfast, lunch, bins, a table and fire/chopping area to do. We got all this done on time and then we went to bases. The first base was the water base which was great banter. We had a bit of crack at the next base playing chess and scramble. Then we broke for lunch. Lunch was burgers which were beautiful (compliments to the chef). We then did two more bases which tested our adventure skills. After this we did our test-meal which was meatballs. It wasn’t great looking but it tasted really good. We went to camp-fire that night and had a great time. We sang song and preformed our skit. On Sunday we left after final inspection. Scouts had a great time and look forward to the next.