Casement Aerodrome Baldonnel

imageOn Wednesday 30th March we took our Beavers on a day trip to Casement Aerodrome to visit the Irish Aircorp. We were greated by a guard of honour before Sargeant Ray gave us a tour of the facilities and hangers. We saw the training aircraft before moving into the helicopter hanger were we saw a few different aircraft and the garda helicopters.

As we were moving along we were saluted by everyone including the assistant chief of the armed forces who had lots of stripes and emblems (nearly as many badges as our senior beavers) and used to be a scout.

We then visited the museum and were surprised to be asked by the army press office to have a photograph with a actual flag used at the GPO for the 2016 rising celebrations.

We finished our tour watching a plane land, visiting a hanger with marine planes and the state plane.

We had lunch in the sun outside the pilots restaurant and as it was the Easter holidays transfered to Corkagh Park for geocaching and hot chocolate.

What a day.