Full steam ahead for Thursday Beaver

Since starting back in September we have been steaming ahead with our program.

5th Kildare Clane now has a 2nd night for Beavers on Wednesday.

We had a few Beavers who swam up to Cubs at the Group camp and we had willing and able replacements who were invested at our annual group BBQ in Donadea over Halloween weekend.

Six of our older Beavers have started to work towards the CSA (Chief scout award) and are we are looking forward to helping them along the way.

During our regular Thursday meetings we have had discussions on a variety of subjects.

We had a couple of batty ladies in to talk about bats, they bought samples, other bat related stuff and instruments to listen to bats. We even went outside and a saw some bats fly by.

We set up a couple of hedgehog shelters around the den, planted daffodils for The Irish Cancer Society, practiced knots and lashings and wrote letters to our American pen pals as well as having fun on the way.

More activities planned and in the pipeline

Looking forward to the end of the year and a busy scouting 2016!!

Indoor activities until lighter evenings when we will all get outside again.