Larchill camp

The whole Beaver den participated in an overnight camp in Larchill Scout camp in Dublin over the weekend.
It was the first time camping for some of our younger members and we all had a great time (for once it was even dry)

Many badges were awarded for camping stage1, camping stage 2, as well as many individual special interest badges.

It was a full schedule starting with tents up on Saturday with beaver teams earning points for cooking, washup, finding wood and good behaviour. Well done to team yellow who came first.

We gathered nettles to make soup, cooked bread twists, munched dirty nappies (chocolate filled bananas) and scorched smores.

Day one ended with a night hike to find geocaches and we set up a 5th Kildare Clane cach for other groups to enjoy.

After a GOOD nights sleep, day two had knot tying and amazing games and after a camp clean up we sent away 20 very tired beavers.

Well done to all the Beavers and Scouters who participated.

Next week we will be reeving up our engines for our annual Mondello day where we take to the track on anything powered by 1 Beaver or Cub.