Ventures Update!

Ventures were very much involved in the Founder’s Day celebrations in Donadea Forest Park on 22nd February and enjoyed their part in the re-enactment of the Siege of Mafeking.  The Ventures own an embroidery machine and were asked to supply a badge for everyone who attended.  They are still working on this order as there were nearly 500 participants on the day!  Everyone that was there will soon have their commemorative badge.

They plan to take part in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Clane and will be handing out in the region of 2,000 lollipops to advertise their 5th Annual Duck Day.

This will take place in Clane, near the playground, on Sunday 13th April.  This has been a great success each year and is getting bigger every year.  There are all sorts of ‘fairground-type’ games and a giant rubber duck race on the stream.  Everyone is invited to attend.  All this and lots of other fund-raising activities are to raise money for their Annual Expedition.

They are planning to go to Norway to attend the Jamboree there in early August and a group of local Girl Guides may be travelling with them.